1) Where is your shop located?

Kansas City, USA

2) Where are your products made?

Our guitar pedals are designed, assembled, and tested in small batches right here in Kansas City with internationally sourced parts. This gives us the best bang-for-buck in regard to quality and price.

All of our enclosures are custom designed in house and precision fabricated and coated in the USA to our exacting specifications. This is an expensive process, but one gets what they pay for.

FYI, there are no truly "Made in USA" electronics these days. Hopefully electronics manufacturing will return to the USA at scale, but don't hold your breath.

3) Where can I hear some gear demos?

CLICK HERE to visit our Odysee channel.

4) Why aren't you on Facebook or Instagram?

Meta can get bent. They suck a big one.

5) Do you have a warranty?

Yes, all Greenchild products are covered under a lifetime warranty of service and repair to the original purchaser. Replacement parts are covered for 12 months from the date of purchase. Shipping costs are not covered. The warranty is non-transferrable.

6) What's your return policy?

That depends on where you made your purchase, and the terms of the sale. Contact us for details.

7) Why is your website so shitty? It looks like a kindergartner made it!

Simple is beautiful and quick to render across all platforms, baby. We dig.

8) Your guitar pedals suck! You suck!

Someone peepee in your Cheerios this morning?

Guitar pedals are fun, and we're having fun. Bye!