Klazo Drive


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Our Klazo Drive is a smooth sounding overdrive designed to dynamically transform your guitar tone without harsh fizz. Low order harmonic laden overtones abound in this tube-like, transparent workhorse.

Unlike many common opamp based overdrives that are equipped with harsh sounding clipping diodes, the Klazo Drive utilizes finely tuned MOSFET arrays to deliver musical signal clipping across the audible frequency spectrum. Several gain stages are cascaded and combined in parallel to achieve organic overdrive without nasty intermodulation distortion.

Klazo Drive not only delivers authentic sounding overdrive, but she dynamically responds to pick attack and feels similar to a real amp. This pedal is as close to an amp-in-a-box that one can get at 9V, and responds beautifully to your guitar’s volume control.

Equipped with an active dual band (bass and treble), 2nd order tone stack with powerful 15 dB of signal cut or boost, Klazo makes for an extremely versatile tone machine. One will be hard pressed not to find their own unique sound inside this pedal.

The Klazo Drive is destined to transform your tone! Any guitar. Any amp. Any venue.

Features at a glance

  • Novel overdrive topology
  • Dynamic signal clipping
  • Active Baxandall tone stack
  • Unique, space efficient enclosure
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Class-A Buffered Bypass
  • Soft switching
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed & assembled in the USA

Greenchild gear is designed with premium, audio-grade components and meticulous attention to detail. Our pedals will serve as valuable tools in your tone arsenal for years to come.

Semper utilis!

*Power adapter and batteries not included

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings)
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Klazo Drive
Written by Joey S. on May 7th 2021

Smooth tone from low to high settings on the gain and level, really dig this pedal.. thanks y'all,, knocked it out of the park with this one.. definitely has a place on my board...

This thing SLAYS!
Written by Brandon L Teel on Apr 7th 2021

I'm a guitarist for a black metal band and was immediately drawn to Greenchild FX due to Melvin's courage in the face of the violent minority. I replaced my overdrive with the KLAZO Drive and was immediately thrilled to find out that not only is the company amazing, but the pedals are too!! No regrets, and no metal for commie scum! Cheers!

Klazo Screams!
Written by JML on Mar 11th 2021

See what I did there? Seriously, it's stellar! I've got about a week with the Klazo Drive and it's amazing so far. It's great from just a boost into another drive to full on wailing on its own. Mild to wild. The bass control makes it so much more than just an OD. All kinds of tones to be had in this little powerhouse. Seriously, give it a go. Well worth it. Great work MG!

Klazo Drive
Written by Michael Pratchard on Feb 17th 2021

Just got my Klazo Drive! Attention to detail starts at delivery and packaging. First rate. The pedal produces the sound that I’ve been searching for. Melvin builds a killer pedal. The Klazo outshines my other overdrives...hands down. I’ve purchased a Mr. Boost and I will get a K818 when it becomes available. Greenchild is a small business, made in the USA, and run by a Veteran. Other small businesses should take a lesson from Melvin on how to operate their companies.

Klazo Drive
Written by Daniel Gerber on Jan 17th 2021

I absolutely love the tone of the Klazo Drive!!! It is a pedal that everyone should have on their pedalboard. I sounds so bad ass!!! It sounds amazing on its own, and complete Shock and Awe when stacked with my K-818!!! The Klazo Drive is solidly constructed. Melvin pulls out all of the stops with personal customer service!!! I proudly display and promote my Greenchild pedals!!! My guitar teacher said he needs one now since I took my to a lesson. The Klazo sounded wicked with his Gibson ES-335! Buy this pedal, you won’t be disappointed!!! If you don’t get one for yourself it’s definitely your loss!!

Good ol' American sex appeal!
Written by Ronald "DMNKLR" Smith on Sep 9th 2020

This pedal is just pure beauty from the moment you lay eyes upon it. The cleanliness of the tone, the ease of use, layout, amazeballs tonal variety all-round, it's just. Plain. Awesome. Top-notch, grade-a American sex appeal!

Written by Lee Voyles on Jul 20th 2020

This is a great pedal. I already have a Mr. Boost and K818 and this pedal is a nice addition. I am enjoying using this pedal for more gain and am very happy with the tone that it is giving. Very sturdy and easy to get a variety of tones from it just sounds great. Thanks for the great pedal.

Klazo Drive: From Metal to Blues to Rock and Back.
Written by Derek Bonney on Jul 13th 2020

This pedal is absolutely phenomenal. Being a metal player, I wasn't sure if it would have the right tone for what I do, but it absolutely does. Great gain with tight tone and low noise makes it great in a metal setting, not to mention the flexibility of bass and treble adjustments! I'm stoked to try every combination I can think of and really utilize this pedal in so many different ways. This a pedal that needs to be in your arsenal!

Klazo drive
Written by Donnie Pendleton on Jul 12th 2020

I'm currently playing in a Texas Southern Boogie Power Trio. So I have to cover all the bases as a guitarist. Rhythms and solos need to carry all the songs. So I use more than one drive pedal. For the most part I like to stay pure to the tones of the guitars and amps. The Klazo drive doesn't have the mid range sizzle that many pedals do. More of a variable and controllable drive than I've been getting from other pedals. I will be glad to get past the Covid days so I can share this killer tone with all my rocknroll brothers and Sisters. Thank you to Mason and the crew at Greenchild for a drive pedal that gives me what other pedal won't. You Rock Donnie Pendleton Blackhorse

Klazo Drive
Written by Trace Youngs on Jul 4th 2020

Not just another overdrive- this thing really sings! Outstanding build quality & customer service as well- I highly recommend this product.

Klazo Drive
Written by Jason Andreasen on Jun 18th 2020

All I can say is WOW!! The Klazo Drive is incredible. I have tried a number of overdrive pedals and have never found one I really loved, Klazo changed that. Running the Klazo into a clean VOX Night Train combo gave me the sound I have been searching for. This is by far my new favorite pedal.

Pedal Klazo Review
Written by Dale Meyer on Jun 16th 2020

Excellent Overdrive Pedal. Does not color the tone of your amplifier. A wide parameter of " overdrive " , low gain to a higher gain. Tone controls work well. Not a fancy pedal, but an effective pedal !

Klazo drive and Mr Boost
Written by Jay Lewis on Jun 15th 2020

Drives arrived as promised on time in pristine condition. These pedals sound great! The drive delivers quality crunch when needed and the boost is a powerful addition to your string. There's lots of range to finding the sound you need with these high quality products! My new favorite pedals!!!

Klazo Drive
Written by pablo faraco on Jun 8th 2020

Fantastic !!!

World Class Engineering
Written by Rob Robinson on Jun 5th 2020

The Klazo arrived quickly and in good order; I promptly put it right to work. Beautiful! Great sounds, solid construction and well done engineering! I tried it with a number of Kemper profiles that are in my “production grouping”, and it made them “sing” - as I sensed it would… It has wonderful nuances (I make a lot of use of the Strat Volume knob to manage gain/drive structure) . The Klazo has immediately earned the honor of being a staple in my signal chain; it's a solid “always on” class pedal. It gives me those juicy Klon mid tones that I've long sought. Well done Mason!

Klazo Drive
Written by Steve McWilliams on May 30th 2020

Wanted to let you know the Klazo Drive is awesome!!! Actually have it on my live board. Sounds great with every guitar I plug through it. Just an awesome addition. I am not much of a pedal guy. I like things that work, don’t feel cheap, and do what I need them to do (In this case give me some extra drive for heavy gigs) This pedal does that in spades!!! Thanks!!! Steve McWilliams

Klazo Pedal Review
Written by Bret Marks on Apr 22nd 2020

Mason, My Klazo arrived today, so of course, I've been playing through it for the last four hours. I absolutely love it! I started the way I do with every pedal - I ran my Lucky Dog Elevangelist through just the pedal to my JCM800 clone tube amp. As expected, it sounded great (everything sounds great when used with my Lucky Dog). Then I plugged a custom Dean Zelinsky LaVoce (Les Paul clone) into it. Beautiful guitar, but what I would call very dark pickups (Dean's signature humbuckers with coil taps). I struggle to get a clean (not muddy) overdriven tone with this guitar. The separate bass and treble tone controls on the Klazo helped me get a pretty good sound out of this guitar as well (better than my other pedals), but nothing like what I can get with the Klazo/Lucky Dog combo. Then something Awesome happened. I added the Klazo to my pedal board and stacked it with my Greenchild Soul Winner. Holy Sh*t! THE tone I've been looking for and started to wonder if I'd ever find. Angry, yet clear with incredible depth. I could hear every string distinctly from the others when aggressively strumming power chords (as opposed to the overly distorted, ugly clipping you get with a lot of OD pedals). In addition, every string screamed for mercy (in a good way) when subjected to extreme bends during solo runs (even the high E string). And best of all, I was able to get these tones not only with my Lucky Dog, but with my LaVoce as well! This Soul Winner/Klazo combination, for me, is the Holy Grail for the type of Classic Hard Rock I play. Awesome pedals - thanks bud!

Written by Tom on Apr 4th 2020

This thing has some real voodoo. Right out of the box before any adjustments it was magic. A little tweaking and I was rockin . Above the twelfth fret was better than I’ve ever heard out of any of my rigs ... ever

Yup. Hits that spot.
Written by Pete Walsh on Mar 9th 2020

I play older music, (blues, classic rock... the stuff I grew up on), and many overdrives sound a bit fizzy. Close, but not the sound I am looking for. The Klazo? Yeah, it hits the spot. I like the gain around 10 o'clock, (just enough to add some bite), crank the output, and slam the front of your amp. That, for me, just sounds great. Of course, there is more gain on tap if you need that, too.

Klazo the killer
Written by Brodie Fitch on Mar 2nd 2020

I recently purchased the Klazo drive based off of reviews and video demons online. Pretty much all the reviews were for blues & classic rock players. I mostly play metal; a blend of classic thrash metal, melodic swedish death metal & modern progressive metal with hints of 90's rock like Alice in Chains & Soundgarden. Even though I play heavy and fast a lot of the time, I like tons of articulation, harmonics and melodic layers. I play both 6 and 7 string guitars and the Klazo drive sounds incredible through both. I am strictly a homestudio musician and am currently working on an album. I use the Klazo mostly as a boost into a gen 1 Krank Krankenstein with Sovtek 5881 tubes and a gen 1 Carvin V3 with JJ E34L tubes. The Carvin has always been hot but smooth. I needed a touch more snarl out it and the Klazo brought the snarl, without any extra harshness. The Klazo also helped bring out a little more low end richness without any muddiness. Now, my Krankenstein has almost too much snarl, a slightly honky midrange & and a very huge bottom end to it. Every other OD pedal I've tried in the past seemed to accentuate the honkiness. Not the Klazo. It helped smooth out the snarl, tighten up the bottom end and tame the honkiness. Now I have to go back and rerecord several songs worth of rhythm tracks because this new tone is way too killer to not use on the album. I spent the entire first day with the Klazo playing with a bunch of low and mid gain tones and it has really added a unique touch to my guitar tone. I feel it will help me play more expressively and help my guitar tone sound stand out from all the other metal players. I'm in love. If this pedal were stolen or died, I replace it immediately. I may have to pick up the other Greenchild pedals in the future and see what other tonal madness I can come up with.

Written by Joe Spallino on Nov 26th 2019

Excellent pedal. Been having trouble finding an overdrive to use with my tele bridge pick-up. Smooth, nice gain while still maintaining the “glass”...and most importantly, no “ice-pickiness”.

Incredible Pedal
Written by Trey Bentley on Sep 29th 2019

Got the Klazo a month ago, and immediately connected with it. Do you like warm butter on your biscuits??? Well, if your pedal board is a biscuit, the Klazo is the warm butter. Definitely a fan for life.

Best OD EVER!!!!!!
Written by Ron Bentley on Sep 29th 2019

Got my Klazo OD and Wow!! I always go straight to the amp with any new pedal, a test drive(no pun intended),so to speak. This pedal will not disappoint. The settings are sweet when not used as a boost,and beast when you do. For that Keith Richards break up,to pile driving OD. It's the one. It is on my pedal board,made it the first day,and it is in the company of some mighty fine pedals,they have alot to live up to,the Klazo is the king. Thanks for such a great product,the shipping was rock solid and really quick,and the questions were answered almost in real time. Amazing company,amazing pedals!! Can't wait to have the whole line of Greenchild!

Written by Mike Ryan on Jun 30th 2019

Great tone!

Klazo Drive
Written by Scott Tufts on Oct 12th 2018

I recieved the Klazo Drive yesterday and spent most of the day playing it with my Fender American Strat with Fender Lace Pickups in front of a Vox Ac-39 2x12 Blue Alnico speakers and this pedal comes as advertised. It’s a tone machine with exceptional clarity. I rolled back the gain and push the volume up and my Strat just comes alive..very touch sensitive. I pushed the gain up past the 3 o’clock position and it pushing Vox into that near breakup that you would expect from an overdrive pedal. It’s just so much range and with the tone controls you get a wide range of tones..especially when you drive this pedal. It’s a definitely always on pedal for me and it works very well with other drive pedals as far as stacking. I’m currently using it with the Greenchild Mr boost and the Reaper and it’s simply amazing..highly recommend and it’ll be a permanent part of my effects chain. Thankyou Mason and Greenchild Amps.

Klazo Drive
Written by Scott Rodolitz on Sep 24th 2018

My Klazo Drive arrived today and it's fantastic! There really is no other pedal that I know of that's even like it - the 'EQ' of the Bass and Treble allows you to totally sculpt the gain in a way that's remarkable and unique. I had bought it for my Baritone playing (and it was everything I hoped - the bass strings, even in A to A didn't muddy up, and in B to B, the higher strings really sang!) But it sounded so good, that I soon pulled out my regular guitar, and found that these same qualities shine through, and that I was able to get GREAT rich tones on it, that will make it even more useful for my regular guitar playing! In fact, I liked it so much that I took the afternoon off and played all day! Keep on making great pedals, Mason! Thank You!