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The ultimate clean boost with 27dB of gain on tap for your ample tone loving needs.

Mr. Boost is a transparent workhorse designed with a boot-strapped power supply that delivers 27dB of volume boost and up to 12Vpp of clean output signal from a regular 9V supply. Most 9V boost pedals are practically limited to 6Vpp of headroom or less.

Mr. Boost plays well at any point in the signal chain and will nicely compliment your favorite tube amp and other effects.

Features at a glance

  • 27dB of clean volume boost
  • Tone neutral EQ
  • Bass guitar friendly
  • Regulated internal power supply
  • Solid, heavy weight steel enclosure
  • Transparent buffered
  • Top mounted jacks
  • 100% analog
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed & assembled in the USA

Greenchild gear is designed with premium, audio-grade components and meticulous attention to detail. Our pedals will serve as valuable tools in your tone arsenal for years to come. 

Semper utilis!

*Power adapter and batteries not included

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 31 ratings)
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Mr Boost to end all other boosts
Written by John Capehart on Sep 14th 2021

I couldn't be happier with Mr Boost. I've used Xotic EP, Echoplex and the Wampler Decibel. Each one colored the tone in one way or another. Mr Boost doesn't color my tone at all. I use it in the effects loop and it ONLY increases my volume. I love it and highly recommend.

mr boost
Written by Willie McNair on Aug 12th 2021

i love this pedal it brings your guitar and amp to life it is so clean get one its a keeper its has plenty of power to drive your amp to overdrive thanks mr boost

Built to Blast
Written by John Earl C. on Jul 31st 2021

Been loving my Mr Boost. I did a side by comparison with it and my Echoplex Boost, and Wampler Decibel. Mr Boost blew them away! It's so clear and transparent! Decibel and Echoplex get pretty muddy, but Mr Boost stayed tight and clean. Perfect for boosting my high gain solo's. The other two added too much gain and muddied up my tone. Klazo is now in my sights.

Written by Joey S. on May 7th 2021

Man this thing is freaking awesome.. super extra noise.. really pushes the amp to a sweet spot.. this one will have a permanent place on my pedal board,.I truly love it... Thanks Greenchild

Mr. Boost Review
Written by Michael Pratchard on Feb 22nd 2021

This is my second Greenchild pedal. It provides a good clean punch in volume (Strat, Les Paul, & Silver Sky run into a Fender 57 Deluxe or a Dr. Z Train Wreck Jr). As I stated in my review of the Klazo, Melvin runs a small business the right way; great products & outstanding customer service. I’ll buy a K818 & MAGA when they become available. I’d advise you to do the same.

Written by Erik Montero on Feb 18th 2021

I’ve been looking for a pedal that would add a touch more overdrive and sustain for my leads without compromising the existing tone of my OD pedal. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this pedal. It does exactly what I needed. Furthermore, the customer service is exemplary. This is my second Greenchild pedal and I am hooked on their products!

Awesome transparent clean boost
Written by Shawn Reese on Jan 29th 2021

Greenchild Mr. Boost, tested clean and with distortion, with SC and HB pickups. Clean, I recommend it to anyone with a single stage clean channel amp, who needs a perfect sounding clean boost, that is what it excels at. With an SSS American Standard Strat, it just made the guitar sound way better with about a 2-3 db boost at 9 o'clock. Better presence, no coloration, just a tiny bit of punch, separation and sparkle, probably what most players want from clean. Can't say enough about using this clean with a strat. Also, it does not add appreciable noise when boosting clean, which was amazing. I used a Rat for distortion, and to me it sounded great After the Rat (not many pedals do that), boosting the tone better than the Rat could by itself. Before the rat Mr. Boost simply has too much power for the rat circuit, even at a low setting, for my taste. Pretty much the same with a LP Standard '50s. I didn't care for the LP sound with Mr. Boost before the distortion, but after the distortion it gave a Dumble-esque dynamic to the sound. Clean with the LP it was great, simply transparent clean boost. So, if you like medium or low output pickups, for their tone and articulation, but want some meat or punch to your sound, this pedal is ideal. For me, it would be an essential tool if I were playing a single coil pickup guitar, always on, and/or going from clean rhythm to clean solo with any sort of single gain stage clean channel amp (which is the trend for clean amp channels these days.) For a strat just set and stomp for your clean solo, perfectly, for all strat pickup settings. I tried all pickup settings, they all sounded better. Clean transparent boost, this is your puppy.

Written by Daniel Goncalo on Jan 5th 2021

What can I say except, OUTSTANDING!!!! I play a Standard Martin D-28 with an inexpensive Fishman Soundhole pickup plugged into a Bose T4S Tonematch and I was not getting near the volume out of it that I needed. That is until I plugged Mr. Boost in, and voila; problem solved. It added exactly the amount of gain I needed to be heard with my bandmates. I have not tried it yet with my Tele and Blues Deluxe Reissue, but I am certain it will sound fantastic. Thanks for developing a great product.

Mr Boost
Written by Russ Burch on Dec 29th 2020

I was happy to get my Mr Boost in the mail today. Couldn’t wait to get it on my board permanently so I just plugged it in and played it with my Deluxe Reverb. My Strat and my amp have never sounded so great! The tone is rich and awesome! Super happy!

Mr boost review
Written by Don Austin on Aug 12th 2020

A very useful tool best clean boost on the market. Absolutely no coloration of my tone. Great in front of a regular amp and even better in front of a tube amp!

Built Strong - Sounds Fantastic
Written by RotoTok on Aug 11th 2020

I needed a clean boost to push my amp's clean channel a bit and this pedal fits the bill perfectly. It's built like a tank, looks great and sounds even better. It has a very nice sensitivity to it that makes dynamics and tonal differences fun to play with. Highly recommended.

Written by Mark C on Aug 10th 2020

I love this pedal! I use it to push the defined overdrive on my amp into creamy, balanced overdrive for solos for extra sustain and harmonic overtones. It does this perfectly without coloring my tone the way a distortion pedal would. Greenchild is a great company, run by good people, and I'm proud to give them my business!

Mr Boost aka Max Boost
Written by BlueBacker on Aug 9th 2020

Mr Boost is uniquely designed to provide maximum clean boost (27db!) or with my cranked AC30 pushes me from a nice gain into pure lead heaven while getting my leads on top of the rest of the band! Greenchild products are made in the USA, well designed and sturdy as a tank!

Mr. Boost
Written by robert irby on Aug 8th 2020

this pedal is AWESOME!!! doesn't change your tone, it just gives you more of what you all ready have!! I love it!!!!

Mr. Boost is a Blast!
Written by Dan C. on Aug 4th 2020

Just received my Mr. Boost and am loving it, right out the gate. It’s low noise, and adds a fat clean punch, straight into a tube amp, but it really comes alive in front of other dirt pedals. Tried it in various combinations with a muff, an OCD and a treble booster, and it added its own magic to all of them. Also, the physical/visual design is very cool, and every detail is high quality. The word “bulletproof” gets thrown around a lot, but this definitely qualifies. Also appreciated all the stickers and personalization. As a pedal fan, I love all those details.

Mr Boost
Written by Christian on Jul 28th 2020

The pedals work super well!! Does exactly what you need it to do and can’t wait for more pedals like this from Greenchild

Mr. Boost Pedal
Written by ANDREW MASON on Jul 2nd 2019

This is a must have on anyone's pedal board! Thank you

Mr. Boost
Written by Jim Mush on Apr 6th 2019

This thing is bad ass!

Amazing boost
Written by Eric Langlois-Gervais on Apr 2nd 2019

Great product, great quality, great price, what more do you want? Fast shipping? You’ve got it. Will definitely be getting more pedals from Greenchild in the future.

Mr Boost Review
Written by Paul Felber on Mar 25th 2019

This is the third boost pedal I've owned and it is by far the best one I've tried. This pedal is built like a tank and does just one thing but does it exceptionally well. I love the simplicity of this pedal and I really like that I can adjust it so I have just a hint of boost or fully crank my guitar signal. The boost is clean and just ups the signal without adding any noise. I have to admit I was surprised by the amount of boost this thing has when you turn it past 12 O'clock. With the style of music I play, I tend to stay shy of the mid point but it's good to know the extra is there if I need it. If you're looking for a solid simple boost pedal buy this and you won't be disappointed.

Mr. Boost
Written by Adam Knight on Mar 6th 2019

This is built like a tank and plays well with others. I put it in budget tube amps and into a fender princeton and it just made them better. It also takes other overdrives to a new level. As for the company, the shipment arrived promptly with extra goodies and a hand written note! I will definitely purchase more pedals in the future.

Mr Boost is da BOMB
Written by Simon chimp, Space-Master or Time/Reality Vortex 313211A on Feb 8th 2019

Very open and sounds like your amp,good price quiet and sounds better than a dozen overdrive pedals in my arsenal.. best drive pedal of the last year, and I have tried dozens

Mr. Boost
Written by Lee Voyles on Jan 28th 2019

Build quality is excellent. Sound is what it should be. I own a Valve Reaper and a K818 and I can say these are some great pedals. I would highly recommend this pedal for anyone looking for a great clean boost.

Mr. Boost!!!
Written by Bryan S on Jan 28th 2019

Love this thing! It adds that flavor to my signal chain. It's got the zing so I leave it on all the time. It just makes my tone sound fuller and better! I pair it with my G777 which also sounds amazing. Thanks Mason!!!

Mr. Boost
Written by David Sesco on Nov 16th 2018

I just received my first pedal from Greenchild. It came in a nice satin bag, with a magnet, some picks and a hand written note from Mason. all of that is a very nice touch, but what is extra special is the pedal itself. I purchased a Mr. Boost clean boost. This thing is built like a tank, and it has an amazing amount of boost. I haven't tried it om my JCM800 halfstack as of yet, but I put it in front of my '70 Fender Champ and it transformed that little amp into a raging monster! I see more Greenchild products in my future. Keep up the excellent work Mason.

Mr. Boost Pedal
Written by Omar Devon Little on Nov 14th 2018

Here’s a Pedal builder who fiddles w electronics all day long,making overdrive and boost pedals, that’s all he does. . His background is in electronics,engineering, an ex-military engineer, and he’s a musician.. I play with a very bluesy, natural sounding guitar tone.. Les Paul, or Tele with mild breakup, I like that natural sound, kinda bluesy/Stones-y.. I know my overdrives, I rejected about ten of them,sent them back,and used an old TS9 reissue for almost a decade, nothing else stacked up. I’m picky,and I know my tone, It’s been basically the same for years.. I know when a string gets old,or a tube needs changing..I can feel any changes in my tone.. Mr Boost is simple, it has 1 knob,made by hand in USA with all the military grade components, but for a cheapo price.. It looks modern, but it’s all classic. It took my Marshall dsl40c & like others said before me, it “came alive”. The boost still sounds like my Marshall, but it adds some of that perfectly EQ’ed sleazy,grindy,Rolling Stones mild dirty breakup... But it added something more, an aggressive edge.. A little touch of brightness and fatness simultaneously, I plugged it in and started Chuck Berry-ing some rock n roll rhythms, and couldn’t stop!!.. In a nutshell, this has that mild rock n roll breakup personified, I was able to NAIL that Angus Young tone, to perfection, the Kiss Les Paul sound, “Can You Hear Me Knockin’” and all these classic tones.. it nailed it. One word is all I need to say, “Keeper” it’s a keeper.. I’m the pickiest drive pedal guy on earth.. and it passed MY test

Completely changed my tone!
Written by Nam Tang on Nov 4th 2018

I use this to slam my signal into a distortion/overdrive and it just brings out something else out of my tone! The large knob also makes adjusting on the fly with your foot a breeze too. I didn't know how much more my distortion was willing to give until using this! Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to drive their distortion/overdrive that much more.

Mr. Boost
Written by Tim Oliviere on Oct 27th 2018

Awesome pedal, glad I purchased this. Made very well & sounds great too!

Mr Boost
Written by Robert Reynolds on Oct 26th 2018

Mr Boost arrived at my house about 4 days after I ordered it . It was well packed , and arrived in perfect order . Opening the box , I was surprised and pleased to find guitar picks , a refrigerator magnet , and a silk like satchel containing Mr Boost . I looked at it , and it's rock solid . Plugging in a Gibson SG Std , I could easily notice the increase in volume . I placed it in front of a chorus pedal , to boost the signal . I was able to turn my master volume down from 5 to 3 , and get the same volume , with Mr Boost activated . This is a GREAT pedal , and I strongly recommend anyone looking for a heavy duty boost pedal to get your hands on one before these guys realize that they're GIVING them away . This is a boutique quality , hand made , in the U.S.A. pedal , at a made in China price . Put this in your signal chain , and you will NOT be disappointed . I've bought a few pedals since 1979 , and believe me , I'll be buying more Greenchild pedals in the future ! Well worth the money , and a kick ass addition to ANY pedalboard ! Get yours quick , before everyone finds out how good they are , and they sell out!! Bob Reynolds Tucson AZ

Mr Boost
Written by Scott Tufts on Sep 21st 2018

Hi Mason, I received a card from you in the mail today thanking me for purchasing the K818, Mr Boost and the Valve a Reaper and a little swag. I think that’s the most thoughtful and coolest thing a company like yours has every done for me. I truly appreciate that. That goes a long way for me and I want you to know I’ll always will support small American business and you have earn a loyal customer for life. I think your pedals are outstanding and I love my Greenchild pedals. It’s these things that companies like yours do that makes me feel you care about your customers. Your products are second to none and my musician friends are impressed with my sound thanks to you. I mean every word of this. I have the Klazo Drive in my sights and will be my next acquisition. Thankyou, Thankyou and Thankyou. It my be a small thing for you but it’s these small things that mean a lot to someone like me. Much appreciation and god bless. Your friend, Scott Tufts

Mr. Boost - Two thumbs up!
Written by Stan Dolecki on Sep 19th 2018

In the gear world, sometimes you find something that not only delivers on the manufacturers promise, but actually gives you a little more. I am happily finding Mr. Boost to be one of those products. This pedal is advertised as a “transparent boost”, a “workhorse pedal”, and that is exactly what it is. It brings out more of what is already going on between your amp and pickups. So far as I can tell, it doesn’t add color, but it gives your sound greater presence and dimension. The real treat comes when you plug in and hit the switch. The overall effect of using the pedal in front of my Fender 68 DRR was like having the amp behind closed doors, and finally opening those doors. The sound just got bigger, more defined, and breathier. My test rig was simple - guitar to pedal to amp. Regardless of which guitar I used, which pickup type or position, I found the pedal to have a playable, musical feel to it… the kind that makes you want to keep playing. It enhances play feel rather than impairing it, and I found that the rig remained touch sensitive and very responsive. I was able to make good use of the guitar volume knob to get what I wanted out of it, both sound and feel wise. For me, the gold coin here is that you can pull big sound out of your tube amp at house friendly volumes. Of course that is completely subjective but my wife seems to agree. Sometimes you just gotta run with it. The pedal is straight forward and simple to use. It has the features it needs, and does what it is supposed to do. If you are looking for a quality, great sounding clean boost, and at a great price point, you owe it to yourself to give this a try.