Valve Reaper


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Special Limited Edition

A radical distortion machine with attitude!

Purposely designed to deliver musical signal clipping across the entire frequency spectrum. 

The Valve Reaper employs a unique parallel gain structure that sweeps from a dynamically driven overdrive to a sweet sustaining distortion; in between you are destined to find your own holy grail of tone. Adjust the gain ratio according to taste and genre.


  • Unique gain and EQ topology

  • 18 volts (+/-9V) of boosted dynamic headroom

  • True mechanical bypass

  • Carefully selected MOSFET arrays

  • Active volume control

  • Premium quality components

  • Small batch assembly

  • Made in USA

Semper utilis!

*Power adapter and batteries not included

Product Reviews

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Wish I could give it six stars! Goldilocks pedal...jussssst right,
Written by Oscar The Shrimp Broiler on May 2nd 2019

I own a few GC pedals, The Mr Boost is my favorite lower gain pedal, I would leave it on all the time,ride my volume dial.. This is warmer, it has a certain kind of ZZ Top warmth, like an old perfect tube screamer..kinda. Then u have his ratio knob system, where he basically built two individual effects... dynamic,open sounding overdrive, And creamy,compressed distortion. With a blend knob to balance between the two pedals, So no gain control, but not only is it not missed. I liked not having it, the pedal is set fine, it does what it does and I have boosts and other pedals for other applications, this is simple, no thinking, just s t it, get your beautiful target tone, And just use it for everything. It rules, old school kickass OD with a steel amp enclosure that feels like a military spec version of a Boss pedal or maybe Mad Max specs.. it looks as badass as it sounds, his enclosures always impress me. I could play a whole show w this, or mister boost, they’re both so useable, but this is the warmer of the two,where MB has more jangle..this is like a slab of Billy Gibbons Tune Screamer with the ability to adjust how open or compressed it sounds, an invaluable control I’ve seen nowhere else,get the original version before they run out!!

The Awesome Valve Reaper!!!
Written by Reese Barron on Dec 13th 2018

I finally got a chance to give your Valve Reaper a go that I recently purchased. WOW!! I love this pedal it is everything advertised and more! Not only is it a great sounding pedal (this is easily my favorite pedal now) but it is also a great looking pedal, your attention to detail and quality construction goes far beyond the norm. I also appreciated the personalized packaging and notes that where included. So from one Veteran to another, what you are producing is exceptional and I plan on purchasing another pedal from you in the future!!! Thank you and best wishes!! Reese Barron P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if a friend or two of mine make a purchase from you.

Great pedal with fantastic tone!
Written by David Hope on Oct 27th 2018

As with all Greenchild pedals it’s built like a tank! Sounds fantastic with both my Strat and Dusenburg! Simple classic deign for getting the sound you want very quickly and away you go! Great pedal!

Very happy Valve-Reaper customer
Written by Terry Knutson on Aug 14th 2018

Well, I placed my order for a pedal that I knew very little about , but with the hopes that it would be the one! I believe , many guitar players dream of a combination pedal that sweeps between pure over drive to compressed distortion in one pedal with incredible ease. To my surprise, Melvin contacted me personally to thank me for making the purchase (this was interesting, and I have never had that happen before). Since I live in Canada, I found myself constantly watching the postage tracking with zealous anticipation, much like a child waiting for Christmas day. It arrived, exactly one week after I purchased it... pretty good since it has to travel over deep snow by dogsled to get to me (LOL). As I unpacked the pedal, the first thing I see was a personal letter from Melvin thanking me for purchasing the pedal on a hand written plain piece of stationary ... This was a great start to opening this gift, Then I see a couple of picks in a package branded with the Green-child logo followed by a fridge magnet, also branded.. nice touch Melvin! Lastly, I reach into the box and pull out a beautifully designed cloth branded bag holding my new pedal. The Valve -Reaper, Yes!! ... I couldn't wait to plug it in, but when I did, this pedal came alive and gave way to a incredible array of scoopable dynamics.. This was more that I ever hoped for Melvin... Thank you for putting your heart into each and every one of these pedals. Melvin, please retain that special touch that you give each and every customer that you meet, it is heart warming, and you made me feel Like I was part of the family. And, for you guitar players that maybe on the fence on purchasing one of these, be rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Terry Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Reaper Rocks!
Written by Joe N on Jul 12th 2018

I am a 50-year-old guy that still wishes he would have learned to play in high school. Nevertheless, I am on the path now and purchased my first pedal: the Valve Reaper. Looked around for quite a while but could not find the right sound. The Reaper is it! No matter where the ratio knob sits it puts out a great sound. Order one today, thank me later...

Awesome Greenchild Valve Reaper
Written by Pat Walsh on May 7th 2018

I purchased the Greenchild Valve Reaper and WoW it is Awesome. It arrived 10 days after I ordered it (U.S.A. to Australia) Quick considering the distance.I couldn't wait to try it out and it has even exceeded My expectations. My main Amps are a VoxAC15HW (Alnico Blue) and Artist TweedTone 20watt Valve Amp(with 75watt Lorrantz Greenback Clone Speaker) The Valve Reaper is simple to use and has wide range of Tones and has an amazing effect on these Amps which were already sounding Great but are now really Singing and more Responsive. The Greenchild Valve Reaper is well worth the investment. Greenchild is also a Wonderful company to deal with.

Valve Reaper
Written by Stuart on May 2nd 2018

Wow What a fantastic sounding pedal the OD side is a joy nice juicy overdrive that cleans up and gives crystal clear clarity and transparency with pure delight, and over to the distortition side well this is to my ear a fuzzy sounding distortion with bite that i really like and when mixed with the OD side using the ratio dial kicks butt.

Valve Reapper
Written by Christopher Bloomer on Mar 17th 2018

Excellent build quality, very easy to find the right balance between overdrive and distortion. Each side sounds great on it's own, but having the ability to blend them is fantastic. Highly recommended

Great Pedal
Written by Vic Lundell on Mar 15th 2018

This pedal is built like a tank and sounds great! Very smooth transition between overdrive and compressed distortion. Easy to dial in the tone you are looking for...quality hand built...highly recommended!

Greenchild is a Game Changer
Written by Ciano M. on Oct 7th 2017

Geeenchild delivers incredible versatility via these beautifully crafted tools. The Valve Reaper and K818 generate exciting and new tonal options, adding dynamics to all my projects. I’ve used many pedals in this category and Greenchild is a game changer.